Work Record Definitions
Title:   A title that is a standardized title, name, or other identifying phrase by which the work is identified in the Bainbridge Bunting Memorial Slide Library (BVRL). e.g. Punk Bear Spirit
Dates:   The year or range of years in which the work was or could have been made. e.g. 1984 for Punk Bear Spirit.
Artist:   The name of the individual or group who made the work that is the subject of the record. e.g. Lawrence Beck for Punk Bear Spirit.
Measurements:   The size, shape, scale, format or dimensions of the work. All measurements are in metric. e.g. 50.8x50.8x20.32cm for Punk Bear Spirit.
Materials:   A list of descriptive terms that serve to index the materials used to create the work. e.g. mixed media, metal, paint, feather for Punk Bear Spirit.
Techniques:   A list of descriptive terms that serve to index the processes and techniques employed to make or alter the work. e.g. assemblage for Punk Bear Spirit.
Type:   A list of descriptive terms indicating the kind of work described in the record. These terms indicate what the work is (a watercolor). They do not describe what the work is about or what is depicted in or on the work (a horse). The terms identify the type of work described but do not identify the subject of the work. e.g. sculpture, assemblages for Punk Bear Spirit.
Location:   The name of the geographical location of the work, typically used for architecture. e.g. Pyramid Lake, NV for the Pyramid Lake Culture Center and Museum.
Repository:   The name, location, abbreviation and URL of the individual, group or organization that owns or houses the work. These can be museums, libraries, corporate headquarters, private collectors, or others. e.g. Washington State Arts Commission for Punk Bear Spirit.
Source:   Name and contact information for the agency, vendor, individual, or publication that served as the source of the slide in the Bunting Visual Resources Library (BVRL) slide collection. These sources might be museums, libraries, commercial image vendors, galleries, artists, scholars, publishers, or publications. Our acquisition of any given slide might have occurred up to twenty-five years ago. Therefore, the source listed may no longer be in business or may no longer offer the image in slide format. Contact the source given for acquisition information. e.g. Art on File, 1837 East Shelby, Seattle, WA 98112; for Punk Bear Spirit.
BVRL Call No.:   The call number used to locate the slide within the Bunting Visual Resources Library (BVRL) slide collections.