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Interesting Things About Boats

Are you a fun of ships and boats? If you do then this article is the right one for you. If you find boats and ships interesting and you would like to more about them, read more here, or visit this website now! After reading this article, you will learn some surprising facts about ships and boats. In this article, you will learn even things like the first people to make a boat. The article will even cover the changes that have occurred from the beginning to date. Here are some of the surprising things to know about boats and ships.

The first thing you need about boats is there originality. The Egyptians are given credit for being the first people to invent and build a vessel that floats and move on water. The Egyptians must have been inspired by the fact they were close to river Nile. Being that most daily activities of the Pharaohs were from river Nile, they had to build something that will make work easier for them to move across. Therefore, it is surprising to know that the brains behind boats and ships were first from the Egyptians.

The pharaohs built the boats, but the credit for the invention of compass direction goes to the Chinese. One of the challenges that was faced when moving in any large water body was telling direction. Because of this challenge, the Chinese came up with a solution, and it was the compass direction; something that could tell where north, east, south, and west was when sailing. For along time the compass direction have been used many sailors to avoid getting lost in large water bodies like the oceans, seas, and lakes. Even though the Egyptians built the first boat, they could not tell accurate directions, therefore, the Chinese come up with the solution of inventing compass direction.

The other funny thing you need to know about boats and ships is that they are of different sizes. The only difference between a boat and ship in their size and weight. The main difference is that a ship is bigger but boats are smaller vessels. For water vessel to qualify as a ship, it must weigh 500 tonnes. So, now know the right water vessel to call a boat or ship.

So, these are only a few things you should know about boats and ships.